Mandatory Dunkuments – Read These!!


Hoop Troop:

Make sure you read these 3 mandatory documents! You’ll need to fill out and sign the Participation Agreement before games start Sep 7! Bring it with you and turn it in to Carson. You are required to read the Participation Outline before you sign the Agreement. The By-Laws are the rules the league lives by… all things you need to know!


2016 Participation Agreement

2016 Participation Outline

2016 By-Laws

2016-2017 Varsity Position Schedule

Hey Hoopers!

It’s going to be an awesome season for DCCS Bball! Here is the position schedule for the Men’s Varsity League.. Make sure you get properly trained for the position(s) you are assigned to so that you can fulfill all of your position duties! Also, tie back to your captains and coordinate with them to find a replacement if there are ever times you can’t make it..

Play ball!

2016 Varsity Men Position Schedule

2016 Awards Ceremony

We had an amazing turnout last night! Thank you to all who attended. We had the biggest crowd ever for the awards ceremony. Congratulations to all the winners!

Click this link to view or download all the pictures taken at the awards ceremony.

Girl’s JV Winners

Defensive Player of the Year – Rachel Knighton

Most Improved Player – Clover Benson

Most Valuable Player – Shailey Parker

Sportsmanship Award – Emily Sessions

Girl’s Varsity Winners

Defensive Player of the Year – Shirley Stoddard

Most Improved Player – Amee Jackson

Most Valuable Player – Anna Hughes

Sportsmanship Award – Charity Sanders

Guy’s JV Winners

Rookie of the Year – Brandon Stowell

6th Man of the Year – James Kingston

Defensive Player of the Year – Jeremy C Kingston

Most Improved Player – Cole Stoddard

Most Valuable Player – Jeremy Miller

Sportsmanship Award – Larsen Stephens

Guy’s Varsity Winners

Rookie of the Year – Jacob Peterson

6th Man of the Year – Jacob Peterson

Defensive Player of the Year – Danny Taylor

Most Improved Player – Ren Jackson

Most Valuable Player – Troy Jenkins

Sportsmanship Award – Mel Green

Men’s Awards & Women’s All Star Week

Come celebrate the 2015-2016 basketball season with us on April 5th!

We will present all awards for the men’s and women’s leagues. These include winners of all star competitions, MVP, Sportsmanship of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Sixth Man of the Year, and Most Improved Player. The trophies for the Men’s Championship teams will also be presented.

The women’s league will hold their very first annual all star celebration. There will be 3-point competitions, skills challenges, and a women’s all star game!

The agenda will be as follows:

6:30 PM – Women’s JV & V League 3-point Contest

7:15 PM – Women’s JV & V League Skills Challenge

8:00 PM – Awards Ceremony for Men and Women’s Leagues

8:45 PM – Women’s All Star Game